Gallery : Tomica January 2017 releases

Videos available on 829 Japan YouTube channel Tomica #50 Toyota Prius Tomica #50 Toyota Prius (first release limited color) Tomica #113 Suzuki Every Patrol Car Tomica Premium #09 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Twin Turbo Tomica Premium #21 Honda NSX Type R TakaraTomy Mall Honda S2000 Type S Tomica Shop Toyota Crown Patrol Car Gozen Collection […]

News : Tomica Gozen Collection

After last year’s quite popular (and awfully distributed) Bushou Collection, bringing the most famous Japanese warlords to the Tomica world, Tohan and TakaraTomy are ready to introduce a very similar collection for 2017. Influent historical women from the Sengoku period are the theme of the Gozen Collection. As with the Bushou collection, a new car will […]